HomeMom’s Heart offers  goods, services, and funds to women in Lane County, Oregon who qualify as HomeMoms and meet HomeMom’s Heart four (4) requirements:


a. are women/females.

b. are not employed inside or outside the home*; they do not receive any income from an employer    (* a nominal or minimal home-based business may be operated—nominal means insignificantly small; minimal means the least possible or smallest in amount and degree).

c. sole occupation/career/profession is a Full-Time Mom (“HomeMom”)

d. focus is full-time, home-centered child rearing.



1. Child(ren) are age birth to 18 years.

2. Child(ren) reside in the home a minimum of 15 days per month. (reside means to live in a place permanently or for an extended period).

3. HomeMom is primary caregiver of child(ren).

4. HomeMom resides in Lane County, Oregon

     a. a minimum of 9 months per calendar year.


How Recipients are selected

HomeMoms are selected/qualify for services by providing the following documentation:

a. Completed HomeMom’s Heart application.

b. Copy of current utility bill in HomeMom’s name (to verify Lane County residency).


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