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December 1, 2009

Welcome to HomeMom’s Heart Blog.  The purpose of our blog is threefold:  one, to develop dialog with HomeMoms and other visitors that utilize the HomeMom’s Heart (HMH) website,  two, to announce  HMH’s services/offerings, and three, to highlight Corporations that are HomeMom ‘s Heart helpers/partners.   It is HMH’s goal that this blog is thought provoking, educational and informational.

At this time, I (Gayle) will be writing the blogs, and eventually I plan to have the HMH Board Directors contribute entries, as their time permits.

Disclaimer:  This is my first blog.

Today’s entry is a simple and brief introduction.     I think it is important to get a grasp of who the writer is that is behind the blog entries.

I am Gayle Diama, HomeMom.   Wife to Curtis and Mom of 4 children (ages 18, 13, 10, and 6).    Married 20 years and HomeMom for the past 18 years.   We live in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

I love being a HomeMom and I do not aspire to have a different occupation.

My goal is to be a HomeMom for all my kids, from birth to age 18.

Why does HMH exist?  It is for you and for future HomeMoms (generations); for HomeMoms to receive help from a professional organization that firmly stands 100% behind HomeMoms and their chosen occupation and career of being full-time Moms (“HomeMoms”); so HomeMoms can confidently choose their career with the reality of being able to raise their child(ren) from birth to 18.

It is my belief that tangible help will be enough encouragement for you to remain in your job and to persevere, when you are tempted to throw in the [kitchen] towel and seek paid employment (which takes you away from, and perhaps out of,  your job of being a HomeMom).     Along with tangible help, HMH seeks to positively educate spouses/significant others and the general public about “real” life as a HomeMom, and emphasize the positive benefits/rewards, yet also expose and bust the negative myths that exist regarding the occupation of a HomeMom.   As previously mentioned our blog will also be the vehicle to announce available HomeMom’s Heart services and also highlight Corporations that care about HomeMoms.   HomeMom’s Heart is currently seeking funding from local and national businesses, so we may offer abundant tangible goods and services to HomeMoms who reside in Lane County, Oregon.

Ok, that’s HMH in a nutshell.  There is so much more to HMH, my life as a person and as a HomeMom, which will be shared in future entries.

Most importantly, let’s hear about YOU!    How long have you been a HomeMom?  How did you find the HMH website?    Anything else?   Please join in and comment.

Here’s to a great start!

On behalf of HMH, Blessings to you and your home,

Gayle D.


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  1. mevans12 on December 2nd, 2009 7:17 am

    Welcome to the world of blogging Gayle, your first one is great.

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