These  7 help components will be offered to HomeMoms  in Lane County as  soon as sufficient funding is secured:

1.  Major Appliance Help*

Replacing major appliances that no longer work, with new major appliances.  Major appliances are:  Washing Machine;  Dryer;   Refrigerator;  Stove Top and Oven; Dishwasher.   *House must be owner occupied (no rentals).

 2.   Automobile Help

Annual automobile repair and maintenance on HomeMom’s primary vehicle of use (twice a calendar year).   Automobile repair is performed by a licensed automotive business and maintenance can include, but not be limited to:  tire replacement, oil change, engine work– any condition that is deemed hazardous and/or unsafe if not repaired/replaced.

3. Medical Financial Help

Financial assistance for HomeMoms with their patient responsibility charges regarding health care for medical illness or injury conditions, and dental/orthodontic care (after a primary payer is utilized, i.e. insurance).

4. Personal Tangible Help

Providing tangible items to HomeMoms that affirms her work; that what she does is valuable, and that her work can be rewarded with more than a verbal, non-tangible, “Thank You”.  HomeMom’s Heart also wants to place HomeMom needs first, for once.

  • Items provided include, but are not limited to: gift certificate for restaurant meal, gift certificate for professional hair cut/style, annual shoe replacement for a pair of shoes or certain apparel items.   Also vacation travel, hotel or entry fee assistance.

HomeMoms typically do not have available income to budget for a restaurant family meal, special events (theater/sports etc), a vacation that involves long distance transportation and hotels, professional hair cuts, or purchase quality new shoes or certain apparel items, annually.  With these complimentary items, HomeMoms can continue in their profession and serve their families with high esteem.   HomeMoms do not receive a paycheck, yet these items are as valuable as one would be.   

5. Educational Help [A]

Tuition assistance for developmental childcare classes (often offered through local Community Colleges), Mom’s groups dues, and Parenting related classes.   Also assistance for dues for exercise related classes and classes related to household work/interests, such as:  finances, budgeting, marriage, nutrition, sewing, cooking, decorating, gardening classes, etc.

6. Educational Help [B]

Providing educational type materials/supportive materials and seminars to HomeMoms, spouses, and the community.  Examples: Opinion/Editorial pieces, blog, hand-outs/pamphlets, community seminars, and books.

7. Major Illness or Injury Help

Providing temporary financial assistance for in-home childcare for HomeMoms who are experiencing a life threatening illness or injury.  Also temporarily providing prepared dinner meals for her family.

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